How it works

We have flipped the GMAT classroom!


In other classroom courses, a teacher will shoot concepts at you from a whiteboard and hope that you understand everything that’s going on, then send you home to struggle on your own with problems that demand much more than just knowing your formulae.


Our founders worked as private tutors for several years and met many people who had taken one of these courses yet did not know key areas of content or how to apply the content to the unique challenges of the GMAT.


With UpSkill, you learn concepts at home, online, in your own time, then come to class to solve problems.

By learning content on our online learning platform, you can:


1. Start from your level

2. Repeat content as many times as necessary until you get it on a deep enough level so that you do most process steps automatically.

3. Repeat each content area at the right time interval with our managed self-study program.

4. Identify the specific reason why you are not progressing – get a question wrong and we don’t just give you the answer or show you a video, our online learning platform asks you a series of leading questions to identify what you are having trouble with.

5. Identify the areas you really don’t get – so that you can come to class to ask questions where you really need to


Its major advantage is that it reserves classroom time for the areas in which you really need an expert instructor: learning how to process and answer questions.


The GMAT verbal test is not a test of your mastery of the English language, and the quantitative test is not a Mathematics test. If you do not speak English or speak Mathematics, you will not be able to do the test, but both sections are really a test of your critical reasoning skills. So that's what we focus on in class.


It’s because we use our and your time efficiently that we are able to be both cost effective and comprehensive. You don’t need to spend the hourly rate of a 99th percentile scoring GMAT instructor on learning Mathematics concepts from the 9th grade. So you do that online, with our support to make sure you are progressing.


Then you use that expert resource for where it is really needed: the higher order skills that you need to actually conquer this test!

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